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If you are flat sick and tired of the race card being played and the double-standards of racism, then check out this page. It’s goal is to point out the good people who succeed without making excuses — and the news regarding thugs and moochers you never see in the News. Like the page to get it on your newsfeed — and share with your friends who are also sick of the Double-Standards of being called a racist by racists.

Kreepy Ass Kracker


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If you like your yardman — you can keep your yardman


2015 Health Insurance Increase 17.13%


So I have to earn $3,000 to have the after tax dollars to pay my monthly health insurance. I get no subsidy — but I might be paying yours!

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DO NOT TAKE FOR GRANTED that it is a “Slam Dunk” for the Republicans taking over the Senate. The Democrats have a big advantage over Republicans. First is Fraud. Illegals, multiple votes, machine rigging, dead people voting requires that Republicans have about 10% more votes (depending on area) than Democrats to be even. Then there’s the race baitors taking absentee ballots to the Hood and getting the black and Hispanic vote at a far higher percentage than would normally vote. They also are big on taking ballots to Nursing homes and Mental asylums and securing votes with scare tactics. The same is done at colleges. Women generally pay less attention to politics as a whole — and they’re being told that there is a war on women waged by Republican men. Too many will fall for it and vote for Democrats for no other reason.

On the other hand Republicans are horrible about going out the vote and voting in mid-term elections. We cannot survive another two years of a Democrat Senate working with Obama.

Most states have early voting going on today and tomorrow — and it is easy to search for a place close by you. It only takes minutes to do your duty. Please don’t stick your head in the sand and assume help is on the way — if you’re doing nothing. VOTE Republican today or tomorrow. If you don’t — at least vote next Tuesday. Be part of saving America — not dooming it!

If there was ever a post to share — it is this one!

BTW — a Special day for Democrats to vote has been set as November 5th. Pass it on.

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